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Route Sponsorship

Mobilize your brand with the Sun Trolley! Our moving billboards are a cost-effective and vibrant way to market your business. The Sun Trolley fleet is ready to carry your message to greater Fort Lauderdale’s busy streets, shopping centers, and residential areas that can’t be reached by stationary billboards.

Our speciality exterior trolley wraps have repetitive exposure in prime locations that target the highest concentration of viewers. We go where the people are, so your messaging is sure to be seen…a lot!

Interested in wrapping a Sun Trolley? Call (954) 761-3543 or email us for more information.


Trolley Tracker App Sponsorship
The Sun Trolley Tracker App is a smart phone application for iPhone and Android users that provides real-time tracking information, via GPS, for all of our trolleys along eight routes.

The app can be found in the iTunes or Google Play Store under Sun Trolley Tracker. Listing your business on the Sun Trolley Tracker App is a cost effective way of reaching thousands of potential customers for a low donation of $200 per year. Remember, the Sun Trolley is a non profit organization, and most of our routes are free. To learn more, click here.

Interested in listing your business on the Sun Trolley Tracker App? Call (954) 761-3543 or email us for more information.


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