Rules & Regulations

While providing a fun, nostalgic experience onboard our trolleys is a high priority, your safety and security ranks even higher! Follow these few simple rules to help ensure our trolleys remain safe and secure for everyone.



1. No food or beverages are permitted on the Sun Trolley.


2. No luggage may be stored on the Sun Trolley. If you have luggage from your flight, find a Bags to Go Kiosk (located near baggage claim in each terminal) and the staff will store your bags for a fee. For more information, visit


3. No pets can board the Sun Trolley. If you have a service or therapy animal, please call 954-TROLLEY so that accommodations can be made.


4. No weapons of any kind are not permitted on the Sun Trolley.


5. No smoking is allowed on the Sun Trolley.


6. No standing on the Sun Trolley. Passengers must always be seated when the trolley is moving.


7. Bicycles must be stored on the front of the trolley in the lock area.


8. Wheelchairs and scooters must be placed in the storage area.


For other questions about what can be brought or stored on the Sun Trolley, please call 954-TROLLEY, where you can speak to a representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week.